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Enagic Water Ionizers are the Gold Standard in the Water Ionizer Industry. Enagic water ionizers are known for their large electrolysis plates that are solid titanium dip-coated in platinum for performance, safety and longevity, for their effective continuous electrolysis, and the impressive high quality results they produce with delicious alkaline drinking water high in nutritious minerals, rich in strong anti-oxidants.
Are you aware Enagic is the ONLY maker of water ionizers that is GOLD SEAL certified by the world’s oldest and most trusted standard of water quality … The Water Quality Association?
High quality is important when it comes to your family’s drinking water. Only the best quality water ionizers produce the highest quality results.
Go to our website VeryHealthyWater.net to view the Water Quality Association video and learn about our industry leading line of high quality Enagic water ionizers. They start at just $1480, and truly offer the quality and results your family deserves.
Visit VeryHealthyWater.net right now, or call us at 800-584-3596.